Current Opportunities

Salary: £24,300 - £29,750

Provide a high standard of technical support to the Mather Research Group laboratory at Quadram Institute Bioscience.

Post: 1003479
Posted: 18 May 2018
Closes: 31 May 2018
Quadram Institute Bioscience
Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Salary: £31,250 - £38,100

Undertake research that makes a significant contribution to the objectives of the JPI-HDHL MaPLE project. Contribute to writing the research up in the form of manuscripts for publication and progress reports for consortium meetings and the JPI.

Post: 1003400
Posted: 30 Apr 2018
Closes: 31 May 2018
Quadram Institute Bioscience
Virome Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Salary: £31,250 - £38,100

Working on expanding understanding of the relevance of specific bacteriophage groups that are associated with key stages of the life course, and in particular in early and later life.

Post: 1003461
Posted: 24 Apr 2018
Closes: 5 Jun 2018
Quadram Institute Bioscience
Principal Investigators in Microbiome Research

Salary: Not Specified

Key role within the Quadram Institute with primary responsibility for contributing to and delivering the Institute’s Strategic Programmes.

Post: 1003384
Posted: 18 Apr 2018
Closes: 14 Jun 2018

Salary: £24,300 - £29,750

The role of the Assistant Grants Accountant is to account for the funds gifted or contracted to the institutes by the project sponsor, often a public or charitable body.

Post: 1003474
Posted: 15 May 2018
Closes: 31 May 2018
NBI Partnership
Research Grants Manager

Salary: £39,150 - £47,850

Increasing the chance of success of bids through proactive engagement with the scientists, providing information on grant opportunities and calls for proposals and targeting applications to appropriate sponsors.

Post: 1003471
Posted: 10 May 2018
Closes: 30 May 2018

Salary: £61,750 - £68,200

Senior leadership role within the NBI Partnership (NBIP) responsible for leading the team which supports the Norwich Bioscience Institutes (NBI) in identifying and realising external funding opportunities.

Post: 1003473
Posted: 4 May 2018
Closes: 31 May 2018